"If Your Boyfriend Slap You, Slap Him Back'- Tacha Says As She Shares Relationship Tips

People come up with different relationship tips and it seems that the more you listen to their advice the more you are likely to get confuse in handling your relationship. However, Big brother Naija reality star, Tacha shared her own thought about relationship. 

She posted a video that's causing reaction on social media and according to her she said "if your boyfriend slap you, slap him back when".

Although, people believe that no man has the right to lay his hand on his woman especially when he has not pay her bride price. 

But is it right for a lady to disrespect her man, what do you think about what she said? Or is it right for a lady to slap her boyfriend even when he has not propose to her?

Although she also said, if you want to slap him back let it be when he's buying you gift or land.

Ladies like men that spoil them with gift and they forget that relationship is not all about money. Society has made ladies to believe that any man that's not spoiling them with gifts or money he's not fit to be call a man.

And that is why so many evil is going on in the world because they are carried away with material things. Although, she's a controversial person and she like to do things that will make her to trend. Do you think she's right about what she said?

Although a girl that respect you will not hurt you even if you provoke her countless time. She's a lovely person and she like to entertain her followers with videos on her Instagram page and she feel happy when they react on her post. 

You can kindly share your thought about what she said, though there are ladies that will do it especially when their man is not giving them what they want.

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