As-Salam University: Building a Beacon of Knowledge For The Ummah

As-Salam University: Building a Beacon of Knowledge For The Ummah


As-Salam University: Building a Beacon of Knowledge For The Ummah

With immense gratitude to the Almighty, i am thrilled to share the latest updates on the progress of As-Salam University's permanent campus in Hadejia, Jigawa State. As you may recall, in 2020, we held a ground breaking ceremony for the institution, marking the beginning of this ambitious project—a university designed to be a beacon of knowledge, benefiting all seekers of wisdom.

Recently, The esteemed Emir of Hedejia, Alh. Dr. Adamu Abubakar Maje graciously paid an assessment visit to the construction site. His wise counsel and guidance have been invaluable as we move forward with this significant endeavor. I am pleased to report that the project is progressing well, and the phase of work depicted in the accompanying pictures is remarkably satisfactory, considering the timeline since its inception.

This moment also serves as an opportunity for us to express our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have supported this noble project with their generous donations, both in cash and in kind. Your unwavering belief in the power of education and commitment to making a positive impact on society inspire us every step of the way.

We invite you, our well-wishers, to join hands with us in this journey of enlightenment. You too can be a part of this incredible initiative by contributing to As-Salam University's development fund through the following channels:

Bank: Ja'iz

Account Name: As-Salam University

Account Number: 0006027065

Together, let us create a legacy of learning, fostering an environment where knowledge flourishes and lives are transformed for the better. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement as we endeavor to shape a brighter future for generations to come.

May peace and blessings be upon you all.

Sheikh Dr. Abdullahi Bala Lau


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