This is Sarki Abba from Kano State.

This is Sarki Abba from Kano State.


This is Sarki Abba from Kano State. 

In 1984, 16-year old Abba, a student of Science Secondary School Dawakin Tofa, scored 9 distinctions (8 A1 and 1 A2) in his West African Senior School Certificate (WASCE) Exams. Examination authorities in Lagos didn't believe Abba made those excellent scores without cheating. 

The authorities provided a car that took Abba to Lagos in order to retake the exam. Abba was made to take the 9 exams in a duration of 3 days, under heavy supervision. 

After marking the rescheduled exams, he scored 9 A1 (the only ‘A2’ he had in English Language before the retake, became ‘A1’ resulted to 9 A1)

Faced with shock, the authorities apologized and instituted the National Merit Award. And, rightfully, Sarki Abba was the first recipient of the award. 

In 1989/90 school session, 21, Sarki Abba graduated as OVERALL BEST Medical Student, and OVERALL BEST Graduating Student at ABU, Zaria— he was just 21. Sarki Abba went to the U.S.A where he completed his studies, worked and lived since then.

Sarki Abba is presently a Professor of Urology and Pathology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, USA. Also, MD, PhD, at the John T. Grayhack Professor of Urological Research.

Prof. Sarki Abba’s research program is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that drive cancer initiation, progression and recurrence with the ultimate goal of developing therapies that interfere with these processes. His work has particularly focused on Prostate Cancer.

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Culled from Sadiq Basheer. 

Credit: O.A/ AK.

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