BREAKING :Reps approve Tinubu’s N500bn palliatives request

BREAKING :Reps approve Tinubu’s N500bn palliatives request



bill for an Act to authorise the issuance of N500 billion from the 2022 Supplementary Appropriations for the provision of palliatives to Nigerians to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal, has passed second reading in the House of Representatives.

The bill, sponsored by the Executive, was presented on the floor of the house by the Majority Leader, Julius Ihonvbere at plenary on Thursday.

Leading the debate, Mr Ihonvbere said that at a certain point, each nation took time out to reflect on its programmes and policies.

He said that many members ers of the parliament had moved motion for the provision of palliatives to cushion the effects of subsidy removal.

The rep said that the request of the executive was a clear indication that “we have a government that listens”.

Mr Ihonvbere said that the bill, when passed into law, would provide support for Nigerians to weather the effect.

He urged members to support the passage of the request in the spirit of collaboration with the executive.

Mr Ihonvbere said that everyone was feeling the effect of subsidy removal, saying that Nigerians were waiting to see how the matter would be handled and if the parliament had the interest of the people at heart.

Rep. Ahmed Jaha (APC-Borno) commended the executive for taking the bull by the horns and for taking a painful decision to remove the subsidy in the interest of Nigerians.

The lawmaker said that it was one to provide funds and another for the funds to be used for the purpose it was meant.

He said that budget and supplementary budget were passed yearly but it was not often used for the purpose intended.

Mr Jaha said that as soon as it e passed, the house should ensure the money was used and implemented accordingly, saying that all 360 constituencies should no longer feel the effect of the subsidy removal.

Akin Adeyemi (APC-Oyo) said that government had done the needful and that the monster subsidy was gone.

“We should not only be supporting this initiative but also be looking at providing additional funds to cushion the effect of the removal.”

He commended labour unions and opposition parties for understanding with the government on the matter.

Beni Lar (PDP-Plateau) said it was not in doubt that Nigerians were going through unbearing hardship and commended the president for the initiative.

“But what is the nature of the palliatives, how will the 500 billion be spent.

“I move we set up an ad hoc committee to recommend the nature of the palliative and how it should be implemented,” she said.

Olumide Osoba (APC-Oyo) said that the parliament should do its job and ensure proper oversight when the funds were released.

Also, Regina Akume (APC-Benue) said that there was need for the house to form an ad hoc committee to oversight it.

“I have confidence in Presidnet Bola Tinubu, he has demonstrated capacity over time.”

Sani Madaki (APC-Kano State) commended President Bola Tinubu for the initiative.

He said he had called for palliatives and the president had acted, urging the parliament to do the needful for constituents to enjoy the outcome.

The Minority Leader, Kingsley Chinda, said the yardstick to measure any government was its responsiveness.

He commended the president for being responsive, saying that the house would want to see a palliative that would make possible impact.

“We want living wage not minimum wage; do not suffocate us, school fees are high, electricity bill is high and so on.

“We do not want to see N5,000 handout to Nigerians on the street; this is a fast case for the administration and we do not want them to fail,” he said.

He however, urged the house to pass the bill with the speed of light.

The Speaker of the house, Tajudeen Abbas, called for voice votes on the bill and members unanimously voted and the bill was passed.

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