BREAKING: NASIMS and NPower Important News Today 20th June 2023

BREAKING: NASIMS and NPower Important News Today 20th June 2023



NASIMS and NPower Important News Today 20th June 2023

NASIMS is enrolling more Npower Batch C2 recipients at the moment. As it updates the database for Npower Batch C applicants, selected candidates are receiving text messages from NASIMS for record verification and confirmation. Candidates are instructed to verify their Npower records by the SMS messages.

Validation Process for Npower Batch C2 Recipients

The text messages contain a link for validation and confirmation of preselection for the Npower Batch C2 program. To complete the validation process, candidates are required to enter their Npower ID, Bank Verification Number (BVN), National Identification Number (NIN), and bank account information provided during registration. It is crucial to ensure that all information provided is accurate, as edits or resubmissions are not possible.

Authenticating SMS Messages

Candidates are advised to verify the authenticity of the SMS messages and use the official NASIMS website or portal to authenticate them. In case the Npower ID is lost, it can be retrieved using the NASIMS Dashboard. NASIMS is ready to provide guidance and support for any issues that may arise during the confirmation and validation process. This action by NASIMS contributes to the implementation of Nigeria’s social investment programs and benefits the Npower Batch C2 beneficiaries.

Npower Stipend Payment Progress

Addressing Unpaid Stipends

Despite recent administrative changes, NPower management remains committed to its beneficiaries. The previous administration has initiated the payment of unpaid stipends, and the current management is now responsible for processing and distributing the payments.

Outstanding Stipends for Batch C Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries of NPower Batch C are still owed stipends for October, November, and December of 2022. The management is actively working to eliminate these backlogs and ensure that recipients receive their rightful compensation.

alidation Link Updates and Stipend Payments

In addition to the 55,256 beneficiaries who have already been paid through the validation link, there are further testimonies of beneficiaries receiving their stipends. This progress is crucial in resolving payment concerns and demonstrates the commitment of NPower management to the program’s participants.

Government Transitions and the NPower Program

Proactive Steps by the New Administration

During times of government transitions, priorities and focus often shift. While the NPower program may not be in the spotlight at the moment, the new administration is taking proactive steps to improve the program. It is a period of transition and adaptation for NPower beneficiaries, but also a time of promise. Patience is key as program updates may not be immediate, but comprehensive updates will be provided in due course.

Update on Unpaid Stipends

Outstanding Stipends for Batch C1 and Batch C2 Beneficiaries 

Several outstanding stipends from January to May are still owed to beneficiaries. NPower management acknowledges these unpaid invoices and is diligently working to process and distribute them as soon as possible.

Different Payment Status for Batch C1 and Batch C2

Batch C1 NPower participants will not receive the December stipend, as the Batch C1 program has concluded. However, the stipends for September, October, and November 2022 are still owed to Batch C1 beneficiaries. For Batch C2 beneficiaries, the stipend payments for January through May have not yet begun. The payments will commence once the backlog payments from October, November, and December 2022 are completed. It is important to note that the claim that the January to May stipends have already started being paid is false. The payment will initiate at the appropriate time, and beneficiaries are advised to stay informed through official channels.

Instead of relying solely on their NASIMS profile, beneficiaries can now monitor their stipend payments through a new platform. Beneficiaries should check their bank account balances on a regular basis to see how much money has been paid and how much is still pending.

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