Guide to set up GTWorld (gtbank application)

Guide to set up GTWorld (gtbank application)


Image source :apps on Google play. 

Download GTWorld from play store or app store,

Click on sign in GTWorld

Click on sign up by the right 

Click on get online baking details

Fill in the necessary details 👇

Account number 

Last six digits of your ATM card 

Card pin for your atm card (withdrawal pin) 

Click on get otp for six digits number to be send to your registered phone number or email, 

Copy the OTP and paste it on the space provided for OTP, 

Click submit, 

The user ID AND THE PASSWORD will be send to your registered email 

To login 👇

Copy the user ID AND PASSWORD from your email 

Enter the username and password in the space provided 

Click on login to start, 

Click on authorised the device, 

Click on use pin, 

Click on yes agree, 

Create 4 digits pin for the transaction 

Confirm the pin, 

Enter the last six digits of your ATM card, 

Enter your atm pin, 

Create secret questions, example, what's my favourite colour. Answer, lightblue.

Confirm the answer, 

Enter otp 

Click on submit 

You will be directed to page to change the login password  respectively. Immediately after that you will be ask to use fingerprint or not, if you want fingerprint click on yes and all click on fingerprint at the top, if you don't want fingerprint just click on no the application will open. 

More information 👇


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