Worst Broadband Providers in the U.S.

Worst Broadband Providers in the U.S.


In today’s heavily digitized world, having a reliable internet connection is critical. From work to play and everything in between, the internet has become integral to our daily lives. 

Unfortunately, when we come to rely on something this much, there will be times when broadband providers fall short of customer expectations. 

Customers have long dealt with poor customer service, long wait times, service interruptions, and a lack of reliability from their internet providers. 

With so many competing broadband providers, customers have a choice in who we give our hard earned cash to. The following are the worst broadband service providers: 

1. Sky Internet

Sky is one of the internet giants in the U.S. and is part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire. Their customers often complain about long wait times and poor customer service. The set-up costs are high and services are expensive if you don’t bundle with TV service. 

They have also been known for hiking their prices after the initial contract term ends. There are other competitors with more aggressive pricing and bundles that are better. 

2. BT Internet and Cable

BT is a big name in the broadband market, but they tend to lack flexibility. They have been known to hike their prices the moment your contract ends, which customers find frustrating. 

Their services tend to be more expensive than other providers and it’s too easy to get locked into an 18-month contract. BT’s quality of customer service has declined in recent years, leaving customers waiting to speak with a representative. For most people, BT is a poor choice for broadband. 

3. TalkTalk

TalkTalk is known for offering low deals for their services, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a good choice. Their router lacks range, especially for large homes with many rooms, which will give you a spotty connection. 

TalkTalk has a reputation for lackluster customer service with long wait times, uninformed call center advisors, and billing issues. 

4. Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers many services, but they tend to be more expensive than other providers. They do have limited-time offers regularly, but if you wait too long the deal disappears. 

While they do have great speed and truly unlimited downloads, their upload speeds leave a lot to be desired. For those who aren’t heavy internet users at home, they can be expensive and they have a harsh cancellation fee policy. 

Finding reliable broadband service can be a frustrating game of trial and error. With providers raising their monthly rates and adding unexpected fees, customers have grown impatient. 

A good internet service provider will give customers speeds close to those advertised, solve customer problems quickly, and offer high reliability when it comes to service. If your provider isn’t doing that, then it’s time to move onto a company that will.

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