IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDINGeating dates health benefits

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDINGeating dates health benefits


eating dates health benefits

Dates are naturally sweet, but are still low-glycemic because of their fiber content.

Although dates aren’t the most common fruit in U.S. supermarkets — and when you do find them, they’re usually dried, not fresh — they are a North African and Middle Eastern staple, and have increasingly found use as a natural sweetener in all kinds of products.

The oval fruit of the date palm tree, which is also now grown in India, Mexico, and California, has a long shelf life, likely because of its high sugar content, according to Britannica. It wrinkles as it dries out, so that dates sold commercially in the United States usually resemble large raisins or prunes. While the flesh of dates can be eaten fresh or dried, the fruit does contain a seed or pit that you’ll need to remove or avoid. The appearance, taste, and texture of dates differ depending on the variety; you’re most likely to encounter medjool and deglet noor dates at supermarkets.

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