How to make onion powder

How to make onion powder



How to make onion powder

Onion powder is one powerful natural seasoning that can take the flavor of your food into another level.

Another good thing about onion powder is that it can be added to almost all kinds of food recipes including soup.

Onion powder is a good substitute if you don't like seeing fresh onions in your food, it perform magic when combined with other herbs & spices like ginger, garlic, chilli pepper etc.

How to prepare onion powder

Get your onions depending on the quantity you want to use, make sure to select good onions and not spoilt ones.

Peel the outer back of the onions, wash properly and slice into rings for easy drying.

Transfer the sliced onions into a food dehydrator to dry the onions.

If you don't have a food dehydrator you can 

sun dry .

Once dried , pour into a grinder or blender to grind into powder.

Source /credit /Olubukola Plant and Nature Page via Facebook 

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