Faces of the two soldiers killed by kidnappers while trying to save the kidnapped Bethel students.

It is no longer news that 140 students were kidnapped on Monday at Bethel Baptist secondary school kujama Kaduna a private boarding school own by Baptist Church, this Incident has caused unrest in the heart of many parents whose children were kidnapped along.

The gunmen kidnapped 140 students while 26 other students escaped. The gunmen broke the school fence and passed through the hole to take away the students.

But during this incident, two great soldiers lost their lives as they tried to fight back these gunmen to safeguard the lives of the students. They were later recognized to be Salisu Rabiu and Seaman Bilal Mohammed.

Check out their photos below

1) Salisu Rabiu

2)Bilal Mohammed

These two soldiers were both on duty when the Tragic incident occurred, but they were killed by these Gunmen as they tried to stop them from going along with the student.

Well, they all died as heroes, we pray and hope that their death will not be in vain.

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